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Industrial Solutions

  Oracle|Primavera for Engineering and Construction (AEC)

Oracle|Primavera provides the industry leading project and program management solution for projects of any size.  Oracle|Primavera’s Integrated Program Management (IPM) solution enables Owners, as well as EPC-, CM-, GC-, AE- and Subcontractor Firms to:

  • Successfully manage all project delivery success variables in an integrated solution, including: project costs, tasks and activities, contracts and documents, project resources and subcontractors, change management, collaboration, project and enterprise risk mitigation, project and enterprise cash flow, back office finances, human capital management and supply chain integration.
  • Optimize use of limited capital to meet increasingly rigorous stakeholder demands
  • Optimize project delivery performance to win in tightening competitive field (service providers)
  • Standardize best practices across projects, programs and portfolios to ensure consistent project success
  • Gain transparency and proactively manage projects, programs and businesses
  • Successfully spread successful project management and control practices to all project types and sizes, including renovation and maintenance projects as well as new construction

 Oracle|Primavera for Oil & Gas, Utilities and Chemicals 

The Oil & Gas, Utilities, and Chemicals industries are facing growing global challenges like:

  • Long-term worldwide demand for energy
    • Growth in new, or expansion in existing, capacity
  • Maintaining and optimizing existing assets
    • Capital asset efficiency necessitates more rigorous maintenance
  • Limited talent poses a threat to corporate objectives
    • Lack of skilled talent is increasing project costs and complete dates

These global drivers are impacting the enterprise’s portfolio & project management ability to:

  • Effectively maintain and increase the efficiency of existing assets
  • Monitor budget allocations against key performance indicators
  • Identify and select the best opportunities
  • Invest in and deliver projects with superior returns
  • Coordinate existing resources and quickly train new talent
  • Maximize labor pools globally through an integrated approach
  • Assess, manage and mitigate risk

Oracle|Primavera is the leading provider of project and portfolio management solutions to the Oil & Gas, Utilities, and Chemicals industries. Oracle|Primavera enables these industries to effectively address these challenges through a unique value proposition:

  • Proven capital project planning, management and control within a rigorous risk framework to increase ROI and shareholder value, mitigate risk and reduce costs
  • Successful management of complex global projects like plant shutdowns, turnarounds, outages and routine maintenance to reduce costs, drive ROA and increase asset efficiency

Leading project management capabilities to optimize the allocation of limited resources (i.e., staff), achieve on time/on budget completion, and capture best practices 

Oracle|Primavera for Public Sector 

With new administration guidelines around transparency and budget reform taking over in Washington D.C., the Public Sector is under more pressure than ever to curb waste and prove program value to justify their funding.

Oracle|Primavera is the leading provider of project and portfolio management solutions to the public sector. Oracle|Primavera can help agencies plan, prioritize, manage and execute projects, programs and portfolios through integrated solutions targeted at specific challenges within the Public Sector, such as:

  • Better OMB 300 and 53 submissions with a comprehensive CPIC solution that manages every aspect of portfolio.
  • Implementation and management of a successful acquisition strategy with Probability of Program Success (PoPs) module.
  • Improved Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) to Defense agencies through POM.
  • Maximization of return on application investments through better APM.
  • Evaluation of project performance and costs through Earned Value Management (EVM)

Oracle|Primavera enables agencies to free up funds for investment in new systems by improving efficiencies of your existing systems.

We provide our clients the ability to have complete visibility into project and program progress, helping you deliver results while mitigating unnecessary risk. Plus, Oracle|Primavera offers the only Earned Value Management solution that covers the complete lifecycle of a program, and focuses on performance-based management while ensuring compliance.

With Oracle|Primavera solutions, agencies can:

  •   Meet global government and industry compliance requirements for reporting, including Earned Value Management
  •   Competently manage unplanned changes and shifting priorities
  •    Deliver projects and programs successfully

Oracle|Primavera for Aerospace & Defence            

Oracle|Primavera EPPM P6 provides business solutions to the aerospace and defence industry, enabling you to gain visibility into your programs and projects across the enterprise.  EPPM P6 enables improved program and contract management processes, mitigate risk, create innovative and differentiated products and services.

With Oracle|Primavera EPPM P6, you gain:

  •         The trust of customers, management, engineers and QA with realistic and reliable project schedules, project and risk models as the source of business intelligence.
  •     Instant visibility and insight to hard to find questions such as “What was our budgeted cost of work scheduled for a specific time period?   P6 earned value management enables users to keep
  •    the time-phased budget for each appropriate accounting period.  It allows users to cross-check actual costs and percent completed against projected costs and distinguish between direct, indirect costs.
  •  An enterprise wide integrated system to handle program, project and scope and cost management to help all functions to work together seamlessly toward the goal of achieving mission success for customers                     

Oracle|Primavera for Industrial Manufacturing

Streamline. Automate. Accelerate Product Life Cycle Management with Enterprise PPM P6

  •         Support Diverse, Complex Production Requirements with the best enterprise project management capabilities
  •        Standardize and integrate enterprise engineering & manufacturing processes to increase operational efficiency and product quality
  •         Accelerate new product development, reduce manufacturing costs and mitigate risk by standardizing processes & best practices across divisions
  •       Gain visibility and control over distributed teams and outsourced operations
  •      Maximize the value of product and project portfolios with a single view of all product and project portfolios   



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